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Introducing Coach Bryan Burke...

Since an early age, Bryan has had a thirst for investing and entrepreneurship.  Since this time, he has developed unprecedented expertise with starting businesses, turning failing businesses around to become profitable, investing in the stock market and building a real estate portfolio.

Today, Bryan is a seasoned Results Coach with over 11 years of experience coaching people around the world on the process, tools, and strategies for becoming financially free.  Bryan loves getting in front of audiences, both small and big, and delivering speeches on practical, useable content related to achieving financial freedom through use of real estate, businesses, and the stock market.  He started his investment portfolio as an experiment after hearing that many of his customers were struggling with funding an account of any size.  He started with only one thousand dollars and has grown that account into a sizeable portfolio over the past 12 years.

Bryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Computer Science.  

While working in 'Corporate America' over the years, he experienced the financial ceilings and downsizing that typically occurs over time.  As a result, he became financially challenged and began seeking an alternative path for achieving his own financial freedom.  Fortunately, he had the good fortune to be coached by some of the greats such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and Steve Siebold, to name a few.  His eyes were opened to the concept of coaching but more importantly, the ability to achieve true financial freedom through the creation of multiple streams of income.    

Bryan has been a certified financial coach for Robert Kiyosaki's real estate, entrepreneurship, and stock investing programs.  In addition, he has helped companies such as Morningstar and Fishback Management & Research with coaching their clients on trading and investment related strategies.

Bryan's personal mission is to introduce the benefits, techniques, and strategies of investing to as many people as possible so that they may be in more control of their money.

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