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Why Work With Us?

Who We Are...

The Academy of Trading & Investing is a professional, adult learning organization dedicated to providing quality hands-on training and coaching to individuals in the United States.

Your success is our goal.  We win when you win!

We offer a wide array of services at price points to meet everyone's budget.  In addition, you will get one-on-one coaching from our experienced, stock and options trading coaches. 


Get started today so you can reap the rewards of your trading education!  Just click the button below to setup a time to speak with a coach on a no pressure, no obligation, 30-minute telephone call.

Our Vision...

At the Academy of Trading & Investing, our vision is to empower as many people with education and tools to trade and invest their own money so they may live the life of their dreams.

Meet Our Coaches...

Our coaches are hand selected based on their background and experience.  We practice what we coach.  It's important to not only educate but to be authentic and know right from wrong and good from bad when it comes to investing in the stock market. 


Bryan Burke


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