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Introducing Coach Paul Gibson...

G. Paul Gibson obtained an MBA degree in 1996.  He has worked for medium to large companies as a financial analyst for business to business credit and financial analysis.

Paul has taught financial courses as adjunct faculty at the collegiate level for 14 years, as well as creating and conducting seminars on financial analysis at the corporate level, including a Fortune 500 company where he was the Director of Credit and Finance for their Rocky Mountain division.  He served as chairman of the board of directors for NACM Intermountain and was on the board for more than 12 years.

He has mentored and taught financial independence through investing over the past 20+ years to people all around the world the Robert Kiosaki’s coaching programs for Paper Assets, Real Estate, and Entrepreneur. Paul also coached for Morningstar, Money Magazine, Hume Group, Carleton Sheets, Don Fishback’s Option Trading, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, and others. He found a great blending of concepts and principles from all these and used them in a cross formatting with his clients.

His latest book titled, "Notes From a Profitable Investor:  How to Make Money in the Stock Market in Your Spare Time", is a much sought after work as it takes a novice investor through the steps of learning the fine art of finding, analyzing, selecting, and investing in a wide array of "paper assets".

Paul started out with five thousand dollars to invest, half of which was borrowed, and has grown into a sizable portfolio that allows true financial independence for himself and his family.

Paul would like to invite you to join him on a new way of living and producing wealth by taking advantage of the many opportunities in the market and being able to create asset value and cash flow through the intelligent application of correct principles of investing in any market condition - bear, bull, or sideways moving.

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