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Introducing Coach David Miles...

David Miles began his career as a real estate investor in 1982 by flipping a single family home while he was still in college.  After college, he moved to Southern California and became a real estate agent and investor.  He owned and operated a real estate brokerage business, a mortgage lending company and an escrow company with a major international real estate franchise.  

David had three offices in different cities in Southern California and won six annual gross sales awards for "Top 10 Office in North America".  He discovered stock options investing and quickly realized the potential for high rates of return in a short time horizon.  

David has investing in real estate and the stock market since then and he's an active trader today.  In 2005, David sold his business and retired.  While being retired, a friend invited him to become a certified coach for Robert Kiyosaki's real estate and paper assets coaching programs.  David coached clients around the world for over 11 years.

If he had to choose between investing in real estate or stock options, he says that he would choose stock options hands down.  Like many of you, David has been studying different ways of making money by trading the market.  He studied strategies that the experts promoted, read everything he could get his hands on, lost money, made money, then lost a lot of it back.  Very frustrating but he knew in his heart that the answer was out there.  Have any of you experienced this rollercoaster ride and are nodding your head in agreement?

According to a recent study, 79% of investors lose money in the stock market with 55% of those losing their entire investment account.  The remaining investors make a little profit but only 4% make a 50% return or more.  No one invests in the stock market to lose money but these statistics show how difficult it is to make money over the long haul.  If you are a brand new stock option investor, the odds of making a consistent profit are very much against you unless you get the right training from a successful, experienced coach.

After a few years of trial and error, David finally developed a personal trading strategy for buying options that would produce profits approximately 65%-70% of the time. This strategy, like many others, produced excellent profits in some months, not so good in other months and a few months lost money. Overall it was producing nice profits but he still was not satisfied. David didn’t want a strategy that tended to go in streaks of profit and losses (He hates losses!). Instead, David wanted a strategy that produced profitable trades 85%-90% of the time (who doesn’t want this, right?). He had this crazy idea that he could find a trading strategy that would make money every single month. What he eventually developed was much better than that. David discovered a unique and powerful strategy that typically makes money on a weekly basis.

This powerful new strategy evolved from his old strategy and was based on where he placed stops. A stop loss is the share price where I would exit a trade that was going against me to prevent further losses. A loss that he had determined before taking the trade that he was willing to risk. What David noticed over time was that this first stop loss that he placed was not hit approximately 85%-90% of the time. This observation was going to evolve into a powerful new strategy that would give him the opportunity to make a consistent cash flow from his trades almost every week.

After observing how his stop losses behaved, a thought occurred to him. If his first stop loss was not hit 85%-90% of the time, his stop loss price was predicting where the share price would not go to 85%-90% of the time. If David could make trades, based on the share price not moving to where his first stop loss was placed, his profitable trades would jump from 65%-70% to 85%-90%.


Now here’s the good part! David's strategy will tell you where the share price of a particular stock has a very low probability of rising above or falling below during the current week. You can sell call or puts with strike prices above or below these price levels and keep the premium 85%-90% of the time. If the share price doesn’t move above or below the strike price you sell in the current week you would make a profit by collecting the premium paid to you by the other trader. Past performance is no guarantee of future results but David's strategy has been making consistent profits for years in all types of market conditions.

When David discovered the way to take advantage of his observation of his stops it was a huge breakthrough. The opportunity for consistent cash flow was in a new class of options called weekly options. Weekly options were introduced in 2005 and volume has exploded. They behave like monthly options in every respect except that they only exist for a few days. They are introduced each Thursday and expire on Friday eight or more days later. Traditional call and put options always expire on the third Friday of the month giving option investors 12 monthly expirations per year. With weekly options, investors have 52 expirations per year. With this large number of expirations, investors have more opportunity to profit and create a consistent cash stream from these options.

If you could make 85%-90% profitable trades each week how would that impact your personal finances? A higher probability of making profitable trades is a powerful way to make consistent profits by trading stock options. David's personal goal is to realistically double my money each year.

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